Our Kehilla

The Jewish religious community "Turei Zahav" ("Golden Rose") in Lviv continued in January 2009 the religious, educational and charitable activities interrupted by the Nazi and Soviet totalitarian regimes with the efforts of the faithful Jew Meylakh Sheykhet. Over the years he is a spiritual leader of the Kehilla and the director of the Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union, director of the charitable organization "Jewish Renaissance", director of the Faina Petryakova Scientific center for Jewish Studies and Jewish art and director of Proffessor Faina Petriakova Museum-Apartment.

The "Turei Zahav" Kehilla actively functions and continues the Orthodox Jewish tradition that existed in Lviv Jewish community in the times of the existance of the now ruined synagogue "Di Hildene Royze". Our Orthodox Jewish Kehilla is located in the building that is adjacent to the ruins of the synagogue and was owned by the famous Jewish philanthropist Yitzhak ben Nachman (Nachmanowicz) on Fedorova Str., 27.

We celebrate Shabbat and traditional Jewish holidays with delicious meals, ceremonies and lessons of the Torah, Jewish culture and tradition, spreading the light and warmth of a Jewish home. In the "Turei Zahav" Kehilla we organize charity for the community members and protect their civil rights.

All the time the Jewish Kehilla formed the basis of the Jewish religious life, and thanks to the Kehilla the full service to Almighty based on the eternal values of Judaism as the belief in one G-d, teachings, traditions, and mutual desire to express kindness for people.

Today our community is a big and friendly Jewish family that is always glad to new guests and friends. In the community the programs related to the commandments of Almighty like Jewish religious education and charity are realized.

We invite the Jewish believers to our warm and friendly Jewish home!