The letter of Karlin-Stolin Rebbe to the German Ambasssador in Ukraine

2016-09-08 11:19

Karlin-Stoliner Rebbe from USA supports our Kehilla in the issue of saving "Turei Zahav" Synagogue. Rebbe wrote the letter to help in the preventing of desecration of the holy place initiated by the German organization GIZ.

The letter was forwarded to City Mayor Mr. Andriy Sadoviy.

The organizers spent a lot of money to wrap their hidden interests into a nice covers. Ukrainian Courts cancelled this project as illegal. The participating international organizations as they are mentioned in the invitations are not ashamed to persuade the project neglecting the Rule of Law as it clearly explained by the Court Decrees.

With this Project the German organizations, Austrian Center for Urban History agreed to grab from the Jews the sacred site of the Jewish prayers. Jews never do memorials on the site of prayers. There are so many not commemorated killing sites in Lviv and vicinity. the City Hall never gave us permission to do anything on the sites. The few Jews who joined the Project do not have rights to represent the Orthodox Jewry.

The main problem the observant global Jewish community will face is that this example will become a precedent to the other sites, that way practically will bring the authentic Jewish sacred heritage to a very crying results. The task of authentic restoration the historic-cultural heritage is to connect our generation and the generations to come to the wisdom put in the heritage created by our Sages ancestors. Practically we see that we get lower level of wisdom then it was, the mankind will not forgive us. The authentic restoration is always accompanied with deep studies uncovering spiritual pearls of extraordinary knowledge of something which makes us happy to be able to touch the generations behind us and connect them to the nowadays. In the luxury well paid design for the “Space of Synagogues” we did not uncover to ourselves and touch any drop of wisdom from the previous generation, we saw bright cubes like a children play which become anymore interested after it was seen one time. Opposite would be a place which design would fit to the task of spiritual education. The all involved to design “experts” never thought to invite the spiritual leaders for consultancy. The all Project Space of Synagogues has spiritually failed to be close to the task and of course is illegal according to the Rule of Law. Everybody involved to design should accept the rule of the giant masters in designs who were always strong enough to criticize themselves. Nobody could have facts to accuse me in dishonesty, I was fortunate to learn from the late professor Faina Petryakova of blessed memory to be ultra responsible when touching the cultural heritage to connect the past with the future. She was spending unlimited time to find from the past the seeds of wisdom carrying significant sense of wisdom. Poland shows day by day growing experience to restore the Jewish sites authentically and is a great example to share for Ukraine.