Save the Turei Zahav (Gildene Royzе) synagogue in Lviv!

2016-08-28 12:39

Don't allow the desecration of the Jewish cultural heritage of the city! The address of Meylakh Sheykhet, the Head of "Turei Zahav" Kehilla.

The Jury acted against the Rule of Law of Ukraine and International Law. What kind of jury it was if it disrespects the fundamental Human Rights?

The Ukrainian Courts put up a ban on this Project. Isn't it not enough to stop arguing?

I am sorry to hear from the people who call themselves as international experts and show such an improper behavior, which could be forgiven only as a result of a lack of knowledge to what they put their way of thinking.

This so called project would not be possible in Poland and in any country which respects its ethnic cultures. I would not want to repeat what I heard from the experts but I must that Ukrainians would not allow anything better. Ukrainians stressed in many articles and interviews opposite: the Ukrainians would like the site to be restored authentically.

The Project is totally politically motivated against the proper inter-ethnic harmony in Ukraine and it is documentary proved the interested players decided to use the project for revisionism of Holocaust by put Ukrainians and Poles on the same level of responsibilities with the Nazi for mass killing Jews. We will never allow using the orthodox sacred site for political interests. I am sorry to face such anti-Semitic approach to the Jewish Orthodoxy from the people who is not the heirs. It is never late to apologize and step away from the sins.

The Jury was completely NOT eligible in any ways for the decision was chosen by its members.

The all International competition was a moral crime. The Jury was irresponsible for the decision they made due to the lack of education and respect to the Rule of Law of Ukraine and International Law for Human Rights, the Rights of Freedom of Conscience, 1972 UNESCO Convention, 1994 US-Ukraine Treaty and many other clauses of International Law.

Small people play with mistakes endless, top people pass over the mistakes and move forward to the bright Light of Eternal proven Truth. Let us be Top people.

I personally initiated the 2008 conference. I would never believe it would be used off in the way it happened turned into a Memorial as the German GIZ and the Center for Urban History call it. Jews never do memorials on the sacred sites of prayers. It is continuous desecration of the Jewish fate.

Yes, the site was looking gloomy and it was needed proper conservation and restoration. The City Hall did not let us, we had money from 2011. We have been supported by the Central Government and by the Greek Catholic Metropolitan Svetoslav (Shevchuk). The same money spent for the vulgar design as we see it now would be better spent as part of proper conservation and restoration.

Sarcastically it is happening while the unique Jewish Orthodox cultural heritage went into the hands of the people thinking and living different and taking a chance to conduct the heritage restoration with the little knowledge of the inner sense put in every piece of it.

Meylakh Sheykhet,

the 26th of August 2016