The guests from New-York in Our Kehilla

2016-04-16 23:51

"Turei Zahav" Kehilla warmly accepted the talmidim from American Yeshiva.

On the 7th of April "Turei Zahav" Kehilla met guests yeshiva bahurs students from the Monroe district in New York, which is a true Jewish town within the megalopolis. The guests have done a long way to look at the places that were the cradle of Jewish Teaching in the past, to commemorate the holy places and pray in our Kehilla.

The leader of "Тurei Zahav" Kehilla Meylakh Sheykhet said that the visit of American guests is the remarkable event: "The event is historical by the fact that place of training of future leaders of the Jewish people mingled with the historical place in Lviv, where in the recent past there was a source of religious education from which the many generations of believers drink wisdom and inspiration".

The mood of guests was lifted up, they prayed and remembered everything connected with the names of great rabbis who were the lights of the Jewish knowledge in the walls of the former "Turei Zahav" synagogue. 

As usual it is accepted according to the custom, the meeting completed with the meals and the traditional Jewish and Galician goodies that were prepared with love in our kitchen.

The meeting with the students the yeshiva was very warm, and the thoughts expressed by them gave the hope that in future the Jewish religious life will be renewed!