Neglecting the value of Jewish cemeteries in Lviv

2021-08-02 11:33

The Holocaust in Lviv for burials in cemeteries and mass graves of more than 500,000 shot Jews did not end. 

The New Jewish cemetery on Eroshenko Str. in Lviv is in a terrible state because the Lviv city administration ignores the Jewish burials. The Turei Zahav Jewish community won a courtcase against the Lviv administration, but the ignorance of the Jewish cemetery continues. The construction of a hotel of the highest level is planned on the territory of the burial grounds. The community has been in litigation since 2016, fnd now the court continues.

The Jewish cemetery on Eroshenka Str. Lviv city council does not want to recognize it as the Jewish place, although in 1962 only the administrations of two cemeteries were united, and the burial grounds are prohibited for any other use. Trees planted during the Soviet era have grown very much in the cemetery. The Turei Zahav community suggested that the Lviv City Council would transfer the territory of the Jewish cemetery to the Jewish community under supervision, then the community would create a fund to bring the cemetery into a civilized state - but the Jewish community was refused.

The same tragic situation is with the Old Jewish cemetery in Lviv and it has been deteriorated significantly since 2006. The Turei Zahav Jewish community won in 2017 weighty courts, but the city administration continues to destroy mercilessly the burial grounds, handing out the territory of the Old Cemetery for trading business.

In total, more than 16 trials are taking place to stop the desecration of the holy and tragic places of the Jewish history of Lviv, and those are the Citadel, Bilogorshcha, the ruins of the Jewish site complex and the Golden Rose synagogue, the Yaniv concentration camp, the ghetto, Lisinichi - all this is given for development, the remains are taken out where. The Holocaust in Lviv for burials in cemeteries and mass graves of more than 500,000 shot Jews did not end. All this is happening in spite of public protests, legislation and international agreements of Ukraine.