Illegal construction in the Jewish ghetto in Lviv

2016-11-16 12:02

In the Jewish ghetto the construction of a residential complex began with ignoring of the law on the preservation of historical and cultural heritage and beliefs of Jewish religious community.

For several last days the Head of "Turei Zahav" Kehilla Meylakh Sheykhet received anonymous calls that a construction company started to dig a huge pit for a new construction in the middle of the Jewish Ghetto site of WW2. 132000 Jews have been killed or sent to the gas chambers/concentration camps from that site. Many mass graves in the middle of ghetto site have been left not studied till today.

According to the anonymous informers human remains were taken by trucks in the night time to the unknown directions.

The Ghetto site is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, no construction should be permitted without Ministry of Culture of Ukraine permission based on thoroughly studies and project evaluations.

The City Hall permitted construction to many new developments.

Meylakh Sheykhet checked the site yesterday and he identified mass graves using the biologic detection (dowsing) instruments. Meylakh Sheykhet called police and asked them to submit a protocol, stop the construction until investigations/studies will be done. It should be done in the all area of WW2 Jewish Ghetto.

Meylakh Sheykhet informed the Historic Cultural Protection Department of the City hall with a telephone call and an official letter.