Antisemitic memorial on the holy Jewish site

2016-08-25 19:50

The implementation of the unprecedented project "The Space of Synagogues" continues...

Placing concrete on the surface between the ruins of the synagogue and Beit Midrash has already begun and the noise of the concrete mixer is perceived as the a bursts of machine-gun fire at the faithful orthodox Jews and the sacral Jewish historical-cultural heritage.

In the 21st century and after 75 years of unprecedented in human history Holocaust of the Jews just for their being born Jews committed by the German Nazis.

The mournful thoughts intertwine with the present day and our plans to revive the Jewish history as an adornment of the tolerant multiethnic Lviv are smashed into pieces every day by the utterly anti-Semitic memorial being erected on the holy Jewish site against decisions of the courts prohibiting the works planned by Lviv City Executive Committee and financed by the German organization GIZ and the Austrian Urban History Center who decided to implement their political and commercial ideas.

Meylakh Sheykhet, the leader of "Turei Zahav" Kehilla