350th Memorial of the 'Turei Zahav' Rabbi David ben Shmuel HaLevi ob"m

2017-02-23 00:46

26th Shvat 5777 - Feb 22nd, 2017  Azkara - prayers and a community Seudah in the Great Rabbi's memory.

Possibly for the first time since the Shoah, members of the community and several guests from wide and far gathered in the confines of the Soviet erected market over the historical Old Jewish Cemetery of our city, Lviv - to mark the 350th 'Hilula' memorial to the famed 'Turei Zahav' Rabbi David ben Shmuel Halevi Segal.

Yahrzeit candles were lit, earth from the land of Israel was ceremoniously sprinkled, and prayers read by those gathered culminating in Kaddish recited by a 'grandchild' who came specially for the occasion from Israel. He is descended "Ben Achar Ben"' - son after son' through the generations!

The locals viewed the somewhat unusual happenings with respect and decorum, and greeted the members on their way home.

Following the ceremony, the Kehilla held a 'Seudat Mitzva' dinner, in honor of the rabbi who learned and held court in the very same complex where the community meets to this day, where, led by Meylach Sheychet their leader, they discussed, the life and impact of  one of Jewry's great Halachists over the span of  generations of  the 'Achronim' - latter ones.