We invite you for Shabbos


SHABBOS at The TaZ Kehilla שבת קודש - קהילת הט"ז

Mincha and Kabolas Shabbos - followed by Kiddush and Shabbos Meal

Shachris and Musaf - followed by Kiddush and Shabbos Meal

Mincha LeShabbos - followed by  Shaleshidis

Maariv and Havdoloh

We also have occasional weekday tefilla 

Please contact us for details and security information (details below)


Our Kehilla supports needy and lonely Jews through the implementation of a set of charitable programs, including kosher Passover meals for all believers who keeping the laws of Passover, and "meals on wheels" for lonely elderly people who keep Jewish tradition but because of the state of health they stay home. Let's make this holiday more joyful for them with your tzdakkah, and let the Almighty to reward you fairly for your kindness!